Exclusive online functions 24/7.

Weber Portal - welcome to your Weber world.

We make your life even easier – and information about your machines quickly, easily and individually accessible. Use our online portal: here you are provided with exclusive online functions 24/7 on 365 days a year. Profit from quick and uncomplicated access to all line documentation as well as our service support. Know what is running. And how it is running. 

The “Weber Catalog” in the portal.

Ordering spare parts at the click of your mouse.

Using our "Weber Catalog", you can conveniently order spare parts urgently needed online via the Weber Portal with just a few clicks. And depending on the access rights, you are provided with information about the status of your order, availability of goods and prices. Documents such as circuit diagrams and operating manuals can also be viewed and/or downloaded.

Digital Factory Solutions.

Talk to your production line.

Our Digital Factory Solutions serve as a general interface for providing process data and connecting to the outside world. With the latest cloud technology, you can view and document data on your Weber line and the process in which it is integrated from anywhere 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: relevant key figures, performance, availability, maintenance or error messages can be called up and managed at any time. On request, the Digital Factory Solutions can be expanded with many other Weber products and can therefore be adapted to your needs.

FactoryCockpit: your KPIs always at a glance no matter where you are
  • Easy and quick overview of current production data in real time to make fundamental decisions - anywhere where you have access to the internet
  • With the most important KPIs in real time, deviations from the optimum can be easily recognized and corrected immediately
  • With the line and machine analysis, you can easily identify bottlenecks in your production and take necessary action
  • By storing all batches, you always know how you have produced in the past and can therefore predict future productions
FactoryAssist: the center for communication and knowledge management
  • One application for all machines: irrelevant if this is a Weber or third-party machine
  • Easy exchange of information between the operator at the machine, the shift supervisor, the technical department or the warehouse
  • Perfect interaction between FactoryCockpt and FactoryAssist. Deviations detected by the shift supervisor in FactoryCockpit can be immediately transmitted to the operator and recommendations for action are given
  • Quick and easy troubleshooting on the machine by the operator with solutions suggested for each fault
  • By including own solutions in an error/solution database, the knowledge of all employees is archived and made available to all employees in the company
FactoryCare: maintenance and digitization - an unbeatable team
  • One application for all maintenance tasks - irrelevant if this is a Weber or third-party machine
  • Organization of your own company hierarchy with locations, departments, lines and machines
  • Documents, photos, images and videos can easily be added to any maintenance
  • Recurring maintenance work are re-planned automatically to ensure nothing can be forgotten
  • FactoryCare runs on every mobile device
  • All maintenance work carried out are archived, including documents and test reports added
Weber@net - our On-Prem solution.

One software, many possibilities.

Do you want to view the operating data of your system at any time? Or access live data directly on the machine? With our browser-based software Weber@net, calling up and evaluation of operating data is carried out directly on the machine.

  • Overview of the status of the complete machine park (line overview)
  • Access to live data (status, weight, etc.)
  • Access to historic data (statistics, availability, weighted)
  • Slicing program and recipe management
  • Access to the OPC-UA interface for higher level MES systems
  • Possibility of direct data base access for external applications 
Weber OneControl.

Machine operation thought smart.

The Weber OneControl user interface combines attractive design, process-oriented operating concept and intuitive navigation using modern touchscreen technology. And enables intuitive operation and monitoring of the complex slicing and inserting lines. Operation is via a multi-touch screen that responds to interactions such as swipe and gesture control. Language has been avoided in the design as far as possible, and more use has been made of easily understandable graphic elements. In this way, you can quickly get an overview of all relevant processes on the system.

  • The operator is informed about all relevant values of the system parts connected
  • Important machine key figures such as portion output, good yield, give-away and portion weights are displayed clearly arranged
  • Operator interface guides the operator through problem solving if required
  • The maintenance assistant provides support during maintenance on the machine
Weber Power Control for salami processing lines.
Weber Academy.

Maximum line performance through professional training courses.

At the Weber Headquarter in Breidenbach, Germany, we have our own training center, the Weber Academy. Being a provider of compact line solutions, we offer training courses for your Weber Line tailored precisely to your needs. In doing so, our focus is always on increasing efficiency and optimizing profit in your company.

Weber Augmented Reality.

Support through the eyes of the customer.

You need quick support for troubleshooting or an expert to take a look at one of your machines? But there is no technician on-site? Weber Augmented Reality offers you efficient support by a trained service technician - also remotely. State-of-the-art AR technology enables our service technicians to take a look directly in your machine, diagnose error sources and to assist and advise you in their rectification. Without even having to be on-location. All you need is a mobile end device (smartphone, tablet) and a high-performance internet access (min. 4G) in your production area.


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