weLOAD 1000

weLOAD 1000
Product Details
  • For X on X applications
  • Equipped with two buffer conveyors
  • Movable
  • Individually adjustable height and infeed angle

weLOAD 1000: The automatic infeeder for beginners.

Fully automatic transport and insertion of portions: The Weber weLOAD 1000 is an automatic infeeder designed for X on X applications and many common die formats with a foil width of max. 460 mm. This optimally expands the Weber infeeder portfolio as a perfect solution for getting started with automation. In addition to the compact design, which minimizes the overall line length, this automatic infeeder also excels in ease of use and adherence to the highest hygiene standards. Furthermore, the height and angle of the infeed conveyor can be adjusted on the weLOAD 1000. As a result, the infeeder can be adjusted well to the operating conditions and easily retrofitted in existing production facilities. To ensure easy access to the packaging machine, the weLOAD 1000 is also movable.

Technical Data — weLOAD 1000

Grouping conveyor length (mm)
Buffer conveyors length (mm)
Power rating (kW)
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  • Gentle transport: smooth portion transport across all conveyor units of the infeeder
  • Complete integration in Weber line control
  • Compact, open Weber hygienic design
  • Suitable for foil widths of max. 460 mm
  • Optional sorting conveyor on top

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