Family-owned since 1981: Tobias Weber and Günther Weber walk through the assembly hall.
We offer you more than just machines.

Solution provider. Market-leader. Family run company.

Being a family run company, we know what responsibility means for future generations. At Weber, that is why we have been working on far more than innovative, technical solutions for over 40 years.

We get the best out of your production.

More economy, less waste.

According to the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, 12 million tons of food end up in the garbage in Germany every year (study by the Thünen Institute, 2019). 18% of this (2.2 million tons) is generated during processing. We want and need to change that. It is particularly important to us to get everything out of the valuable food, your products. Produce less waste. Generate more sustainability. And optimize your processes. For more efficiency in your cold cuts production, as well as more sustainability and climate protection for all of us. To this end, we are constantly working on even more powerful technology. On even better, comprehensive solutions. We support you and are at your side as partners: starting with the choice of the right equipment through to individually tailored training courses for each machine.

Because clean is simply not good enough.

More hygiene and food product safety.

Obvious: hygiene is essential in our business. A negative incident can lead to high economic losses and image damage. 100 % safety and protection during the processing of deli, cheese, meat and vegan substitute products as well as regular, thorough cleaning of your production lines are therefore an absolute must. At Weber, we therefore design our machines so that all components are particularly easy to reach as well as quick and easy to clean. To enable as much of your valuable production time to flow into the production and processing of your valuable food as possible. Stainless steel production is one thing, edge-free and easily accessible another. Open designs, slim enclosures, easy-to-clean machine parts and direct inspection capability offer perfect hygiene conditions - and give you and your customers a safe feeling.

We already confront the challenges of tomorrow today.

Innovations and trends.

A growing to-go market, new and sustainable portion and packaging design, vegetarian deli and vegan cheese products: the demands and expectations of retailers and consumers are becoming increasingly complex. This requires individual, fast and flexible reactions. Much more: always being one step ahead and knowing what the market of tomorrow will look like. At Weber, that is why we think ahead and develop solutions that allow you to face upcoming requirements, needs and challenges with confidence. Whatever comes, with us you are well equipped for the future.    

Weber wePICK Pick Robot picks sliced cheese and ham slices for placing the portion on a baguette sandwich
Sustainability and resource conservation. Martin Oswald and Frank Schmidt advise Weber customers on these topics.
It is not just what is inside, but how good it is.

Sustainability and resource-conserving.

Hygienic protection, practical storage, attractive sales area: packaging for self-service cold cuts has a variety of tasks today. However, the high requirements of the packaging law for retailers and manufacturers can weigh particularly heavily on the shoulders of food producers. At Weber, we actively support you in overcoming these challenges. Whether it's about efficient, consumption-optimized slicing and packaging lines or advice on alternative, sustainable packaging materials: we listen, advise and offer solutions. So that our machines not only fulfill the most diverse tasks, but also fit into your individual production processes. Powerful, efficient, future-orientated: from food safety and shelf life extension to resource conservation and sustainability. We think the whole line and offer you solutions that deliver real added value and prepare your production for tomorrow.

Because climate protection is an issue for all.

we GO GREEN: clear goal for CO2-neutral production.

Sustainability, the frugal use of resources and climate protection have already been firmly embedded in our daily operations for years – both in terms of development and production of the high-end technology as well as the daily working life of all employees. Being a modern and environmentally conscious family-owned company, we are particularly keen to make a contribution and become "greener". We have therefore set us a clear mission: to create a CO2-neutral production. With the initiative “we GO GREEN”, we have combined all our activities for more sustainability and climate protection and are continuously expanding them.


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