Product details
  • Clean separation of individual slices
  • Film or paper sheets
  • For 1- to 4-lane applications, lane-independent as a option
  • Perfect integration with Weber slicers

Weber Interleaver: easy and clean separation of product slices.

Our automatic interleaver solutions make it possible to easily separate strongly adhering or thin-cut slices by placing film or paper sheets between product slices. The sheets are fed from a roll to the slicing edge, brought in front of the product sitting in the slicer throat and are cut simultaneously with the product slice. The Weber interleaver can be integrated with almost any Weber slicer. Depending on the slicer and production requirements, customers can choose from single-track to four-track interleaver versions. The interleaver also comes in a vario version that can interleave each track independently and allows for portion track-specific portion completion.

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  • Can be scaled according to requirements: mono interleaver, double interleaver, triple interleaver, quadruple interleaver
  • Optional track-specific Vario Interleaver

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