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After precise slicing and gentle transport, comes safely packed. And when it comes to packaging, cleanliness, ease of maintenance and service, as well as an intelligent hygienic design, are as important as efficiency and flexibility. The high level of automation of our thermoforming packaging machines also guarantees the highest level of food safety. Of course, our thermoformers process all common and sustainable packaging materials and enable you to produce individual packaging designs - for attractive product presentations at the point of sale. 

wePACK 4000

The new, compact thermoforming packaging machine Weber wePACK 4000 is perfect for medium production volumes of up to 100 packages per minute in typical slicing applications.

wePACK 7000

For anyone who wants to package sliced products, piece goods, or other fresh food products safely and sustainably at the highest performance level, the wePACK 7000 is the perfect choice. The Weber thermoforming…


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