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Yield Management

For higher efficiency and yield, we rely on optical systems and precise weighing technology. This ensures the slicer knows exactly what and how to slice. Depending on the product and its specific requirements, we offer laser or X-ray scanning technology for optimal product processing. With our checkweigher, each portion weight is measured and feedback given to the slicer to accurately determine future weight and accurate portion control.

weSCAN 3000/5000

Precise scanning is the basis for optimal further processing of the raw product in the highest performance ranges with maximum yield. The Weber weSCAN 3000/5000 models are equipped with laser scanning technology,…

weSCAN 7000

With the Weber weSCAN 7000 X-ray scanner, product density and weight can be precisely determined in order to achieve the best possible use of raw materials and thus achieve maximum yield. The use of an X-ray…

weWEIGH 5000

The weWEIGH 5000 is a digital weighing system for classifying portion weights according to operator settings. The weWEIGH scale was developed specifically for integration into slicing and packaging lines. The…


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