Robust high performers in industry.


ASB 460/560/770

The ASB 460, ASB 560, and ASB 770 derinders are shining examples of pioneering technology in premium quality, which makes them robust high performers in industry.

The automatic slicing technology developed by Weber and the spring-mounted slicing system provide a clean first cut and high product yield. The cleaning program for series production…

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ASP 560

The ASP 560 derinder is an "open" machine for processing round cuts such as shoulder, ham, and haunch.

ASP 560 D

The ASP 560 D is an "open" derinding and defatting machine for processing round cuts such as shoulder and ham. It removes the fat layer at the same time.

ASD 460

The fully automatic ASD 460 defatting machine removes fat layers from loins and cutlets at a predefined thickness.

AMS 533

The AMS 533 skinner provides a wide range of application options: from small to large cuts of beef, veal, and pork to turkey, horse, and game, and even pieces of cheese – no problem for this powerful machine.



The AMS 533 TWIN is a combination skinner that is particularly suitable for processing cuts with strong tendons and fleece, e.g., pork loin, pork belly, underside of beef and veal, as well as fillet of beef.


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