Slice, transport & package sliced products.

Intelligent complete line solutions from a single source.

From product preparation to tested primary packaging, Weber Food Technology offers a wide portfolio with complete solutions for sliced meat and cheese production and packaging. Everything from one source, seamlessly integrated and intelligently networked. Through this unique initial situation, we are able to take the integration of slicers, automation, packaging and end-of-line equipment to a new level and avoid interfaces at the same time. We combine powerful line components into even more powerful complete line solutions. Boundaries between individual components disappear so that the complete slicing line merges into one unit. These system solutions always have a holistic approach and are adapted to your individual requirements.

Cheese cubes, cheese pieces, and cheese slices on one line.

Our customer asked for the ability to process cubes, pieces, and slices of different types of cheese on one line and thus set a newstandard for flexibility in cheese processing. The changeover between the respective applications should take as little time as possible, of course, in order to maximize the line's operating time.

High-performance processing of bacon thanks to Weber line.

Bacon for the British retail market in 300 gram packages with a line output of 96 portions per minute —those were the requirements of our Denmark-based customer. Also, the shoulder section of the bacon slabs needed to be sorted out as lower-quality portions to be packaged and sold separately. 

Ultimate solution for processors with a wide product range.

One high performing processing solution for a variety of meat and deli products within a small footprint that had the flexibility to produce multiple portion shapes and designs. Our solution: a complete line from Weber tailored to the exact customer need and that will enable our customer to master any production challenges.

Integration and connectivity in every detail.

Weber OneControl.

Line control made easy: with the Weber OneControl Technology, you can operate your entire line from any Weber control panel. All information, programs and settings can be accessed from any terminal at any point in time. Food processing companies benefit from this in several ways: 

  • Reduction of labor 
  • Higher operation efficiency
  • Lower cost

Additionally, shorter distances for operating personnelminimize potential for errors and increase productivity. The consistent and intuitive HMI is easy to operate.

Anzeige einer Maschine

Flexible Weber line solution for versatile cheese applications.

Raclette cheese, Emmental, Appenzeller, Gruyère, each portioned out and presented differently – no problem at all for a Weber line! Our customer needed a flexible solution for processing versatile cheese applications.

Shaved Meat Applications Without Compromises.

Shaved Meat in particularly large portions with double line capacity, maximum hygiene and minimum personal costs. With two lines built to mirror each other, we have mastered this challenge and redefined the world of mono applications: For loading and operating both lines with only two operators needed!

The highest flexibility for the implementation of many applications.

The perfect all-round solution for full-range specialists.

This Weber system solution consisting of the new weSLICE 4500 involute blade slicer, a fully integrated wePICK 7000 pick robot with a unique buffer function and the wePACK 7000 thermoforming packaging machine equipped with two formats is the perfect all-round solution for full-line suppliers. With an average output of 50-80 packs per minute, it offers maximum flexibility for many small-batch applications – all at a very modest footprint. Additionally, radical reductions in set-up times, combined with lower staff requirements, also help to minimize costs in the long term.

A line solution favored worldwide.

Processing of caliber goods in the high-performance range.

This is the preferred line solution of our customers when it comes to processing caliber goods in the high-performance range. Already 500 of these lines have been installed in the last seven years, and this line concept still sets standards as the best in its class – there is simply no solution on the market that is more efficient, more flexible, more hygienic, and more compact. This complete line solution is suitable for a wide range of applications and easy to retool. It is ideal for food processing plants that are faced with rapidly changing food retail requirements and a growing need to produce more individual, smaller batches.


Safe, precise and sustainable.

A flexible solution for every room.

No matter how large or small your space is: thanks to the flexible Weber ShuttleSystem this line concept can be integrated into any setting. The full mechanical and electrical integration of the components also make this line the perfect solution for producing large quantities with a small footprint. As the portions are transported gently, safely and precisely with the help of the ShuttleSystem, this line concept is ideal for slicing and packaging natural products such as dry-cured ham. Manual portion adjustment in the packaging is not necessary.


Compact and powerful at the same time.

Solution for packaging in flowpacks or trays.

As a strong partner for the food industry, we have developed a solution for cutting and automating cold cuts for packaging in flowpacks or trays. And that being nothing less than the most compact, yet powerful line solution on the market. The system can handle up to 90 packs per minute, including functionalities such as turning and aligning, as well as handling portions with an incorrect weight. This solution offers maximum flexibility and optimally meets the requirements of the European market, realizing even the smallest batches in form-fill-seal packaging. Whether you choose to package your products in sustainable flowpacks with thinner film or focus on premium presentation of your products on a tray: with this line, the choice is yours.


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